Saturday, July 07, 2012

You're probably at least as old as Curmudgeon if...

At least I thought you'd probably have to be at least as old as I am if you know the name of the veteran character actor to whom Jim Scancarelli is paying homage in these recent Gasoline Alley strips:

(All images obtained from the Chicago Tribune Comics Kingdom.)

Shall we make this another patented no-prize contest? (We haven't had one of those in ages.)

Anyway, a hearty handshake and virtual pat on the back goes to the reader who leaves the name of the actor in question in a comment.

I was going to offer, as an additional hint, that this actor may be most famous for torturing Jack Benny -- but, in researching this post, I found another homage to this actor in a more contemporary program -- The Simpsons.

So maybe some youngster, some mere callow youth or slip of a lass will come up with the answer. You're on the clock.

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