Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Olaf update -- a marathon is likely, not a sprint

I wrote a pretty good letter, if I do say so myself.

And I have to, because the reviews at home were surprisingly tepid. "It's kind of mild, isn't it?" asked Long Suffering Spouse -- in a way that left no doubt that she thought it was mild indeed.

But the letter was written with a purpose -- not to attack or provoke, but to persuade. At least Olaf was impressed. "It's the kind of letter a math major should write," he said, "showing your work, like in a good proof." (I'd cited to 50 pages of documentation, also included in the email.)

Olaf had a couple of minor, but substantive, suggestions; after a final once over, he sent it out into the ether -- addressed to his professor, who is also his academic advisor and the Math Department chair, but copied to the Dean of Students, the Dean of Faculties, and the university President.

The responses came the next day.

The Dean of Students sent a very nice-sounding but essentially empty email that said she'd get back to him with information about an appeal process. The professor responded with what Olaf considers an ad hominem attack.

So much for the Mr. Nice Guy approach.

By Sunday, I'd crafted an additional letter, advising of the observations that Long Suffering Spouse and I had made of the situation (some of that covered in the post below). My epistle was not sent to the math professor but, rather, to the Dean of Students -- offered in support of any appeal Olaf might be asked to file (and sent before anyone could tell me not to).

I may have to refer this out -- but an ADA suit is not my first choice. Neither is it Olaf's or Younger Daughter's. But the Dean of Students responded to my email with a thank you note -- and she's not yet figured out how this "appeal" is going to play out.

The clock is running.