Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still no #$@%! Internet at the Undisclosed Location

My Internet has been out at work since Wednesday last. Tomorrow being Wednesday next, that's an unacceptably long time, particularly in this day and age, to be unconnected.

How can I send or receive emails from clients? How can I do online research? Where will I see videos of water-skiing squirrels?

Well, I suppose I really shouldn't be searching for water-skiing squirrels during business hours.

How dependent we've become on the Internet! I had a project to work on Thursday, Friday and yesterday, so I really could stay home. (I went in yesterday just long enough to be certain that I'm still unplugged. And to call someone who might do something about it. But who hasn't so far.) Today I had to go to court, so I had to go in -- but I've snuck home since. I'm waiting for a phone call now on one of my nightmare cases. This will make a fine 'war story' some day -- if I don't get killed in the meantime.

Anyway, regular programming here is only one of the things disrupted by this unsettled shuttle between home and office.

Meanwhile, I keep looking at my phone, willing it to ring. I need to resolve this nightmare case soon (mainly because the court in question has put me on an extremely short leash in this regard) -- but it won't happen; it can't happen without the phone ringing.

I can think of two ways to make the phone ring, but neither of them are very professional. One involves taking a nap. The other involves taking the newspaper to the reading room. I sure hope that phone rings soon....


Dave said...

You have 5 symbols in your title - I can't make that come out a swearword that I know.

The Curmudgeon said...

I never knew the $#@%!@ symbols had to correspond to letters 1:1! Is that a rule somewhere?

Dave said...

An assumption on my part. I match number of symbols with letters and make sure that if the word has the same letter twice that I use the same symbol in the appropriate place. But that's me.

I never had to do it till I started the blog so I don't have that much practice.