Friday, August 14, 2009

An outrageous new right-wing video? Curmudgeon reports -- you decide

I got something in my email this morning that I thought was worth sharing: You'll have to click on this link to get to the .swf (x-shockwave-flash Object) movie. My technical skills are insufficient to put the movie here on this page.

I was able, however, to pull a screen shot to give you some incentive to click:

Looking at the screen shot, perhaps you're thinking that this little movie originated with some conservative group, maybe even some group affiliated with the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

Start watching the movie and you may become certain of it: There are references to National Health and to the nanny-state's willingness to impose limits on what we can eat.

Spoiler Alert! * * * Spoiler Alert! * * * Spoiler Alert!

Have you watched the movie yet? Because I'm aching to tell you the source of this very inspired piece of political satire... and I want to make certain you've satisfied yourself that this has to be the product of those darned negative Republican crazies... maybe even the product of "birthers."


That little movie was put up by the ACLU.

That's right... the American Civil Liberties Union.

Of course,judging by this link, the clip was put up around five years ago or so. The accompanying text warns:
The government and corporations are aggressively collecting information about your personal life and your habits. They want to track your purchases, your medical records, and even your relationships. The Bush Administration's policies, coupled with invasive new technologies, could eliminate your right to privacy completely. Please help us protect our privacy rights and prevent the Total Surveillance Society.
The screen urges you to become a card-carrying member of the ACLU.

You see, there's more common ground among Americans than our political leaders and our media tastemakers... Left and Right... understand. That's because they're not on that common ground with most of the rest of us. We want to maintain our personal autonomy, our right to remain anonymous -- our privacy. The Bush people attacked that from the standpoint of "homeland security" -- the Obamaniacs are coming at us down the national health road. But our cherished autonomy and freedom winds up in the dumpster either way: This, I'm sure, is one reason why Mr. Obama is having trouble selling the country on his health care plans. The current political parties offer no meaningful alternatives... just different means to arrive at the sorry end depicted in this funny-except-it-might-come-true movie.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

I wonder what the ACLU think now?