Sunday, August 30, 2009

And after all that clicking... the pictures disappoint

Older Daughter received two CDs chock full of wedding pictures at the end of last week and she promptly called Long Suffering Spouse to deliver her verdict on same:


When my son-in-law looked most handsome, Older Daughter had hair in her eyes. In others, when she looked particularly radiant, Older Daughter could not help but notice unbuttoned buttons on her new husband's vest which simply ruined the shots. In still others, the happy couple looks more sweaty than happy.

I have seen none of these, mind you; I report the double hearsay obtained from Long Suffering Spouse. In fairness, I should add that my son-in-law says Older Daughter is being too picky by far. He thinks they're fine.

I understand, of course, that my place is to cluck sympathetically when I hear these complaints directly from Older Daughter.

But -- I can tell you -- I feel VINDICATED!

It isn't the number of shots that one takes that makes a photographer good -- it is how the shots are set up -- "made" is the professional phrase -- that determines whether the photographer is an artist... or not. Of course, once a shot is composed a number of exposures might be made (technology permits this now) when only one or a few may have possible in the past.

Hours of clicking and thousands of shots were unnecessary. And, apparently, unsuccessful.

I know... I know... I'm supposed to feel bad. But, allow me a moment of smugness, won't you? This way, maybe I'll be past this when Older Daughter speaks directly with me.

Or... maybe not.

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sari said...

Happy vindication! :-)