Friday, May 09, 2008

More about our plethora of proms

Today's word of the day is "plethora." For more information, see ¡Three Amigos!

I don't understand: I thought I'd stumbled on something new and amazing -- backup boyfriends and backup girlfriends -- each of them apparently aware of their secondary status. I don't know if the primaries are aware of their backups... but if this phenomenon is widespread, might the existence of backups not be expected, or at least suspected, by every primary?

But, no, my anthropological discovery seems to have left my commenters cold. What has interested you is... dresses.

For the record, Younger Daughter has only bought one new dress for this prom season. It's rather orange.

She's worn a black dress to the first two proms -- yes, the same dress -- and she bought it for a dance a year or two ago. Of course, she did have two different dates for these.

I don't know what dress is scheduled for this Saturday -- yes, she's going to the co-ed school prom, too -- but it won't be the orange one.

That's for her own school prom, the last in this long, long sequence.

Now I suppose you'll ask me to describe the dresses.


Long Suffering Spouse is the final arbiter in the matter of prom fashions, determining whether a dress may be worn or must be returned. As a practicing coward, I try and stay as far away as possible from these discussions. Even after grudging approval, though, I have asked Younger Daughter what color turtleneck she will wear with each dress.

But no one ever takes me seriously.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well i want to know about jenna bush's dress too. but that might just be me. is there any cake in here curmy?

smiles, bee

Where fibers meet mud said...

As a practicing coward, I try and stay as far away as possible from these discussions.

This means you will grow old and have many grandchildren who will love you dearly ....

Patti said...

I love the turtleneck comment. Cute
Reminds me of something my dad would have said.