Saturday, November 17, 2007

Younger Daughter and Long Suffering Spouse have gone to the grocery today

But will they both return?

These mother-daughter bonding moments go so much better in the movies than in real life.

And they're recently reconfigured the Jewel (in Chicagoese, "Jewels") so that Long Suffering Spouse was frustrated in advance, knowing that she will have difficulty finding anything she's looking for.

Oh -- and they got a late start because Long Suffering Spouse and I got hooked on a movie while having our coffee this morning. So the crowds will be enormous. It being the weekend before Thanksgiving and all.

Grounds for apprehension indeed.

And, to cap it all, it's cold and rainy and just plain icky out.

I believe "icky" is the appropriate technical term.

On the other hand... I get to listen to my music really loud because they're all out of the house now. (Now playing... "Bernadette" by the Four Tops....)

But this too shall pass.

Wait... is that the door?


Linda said...

Ah yes, pre-holiday shopping. I went to the store myself today as I was doing my usual Mother Hubbard imitation and we really, really, really needed food and I was surprised to see such a crowd as I had flat-out forgotten about it being the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Can I get a D? Can I get a U? Can I get an H? What's that spell?? DUH!!!

sari said...

Ah, I love The Four Tops!