Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No new post today -- just a list of old baseball posts

Bee won't be impressed with me.

Well, it's OK, because I'm not impressed with Blogger. I was trying to put up a new list of old posts in the Sidebar -- seasonal stuff, the U.S. baseball season having officially begun today, albeit in Japan.

I made my list properly -- the printing of this post will establish that. But, unfortunately, instead of removing the Christmas links from the sidebar, I got this error message over and over:

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help Group, please:

  • Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
  • Provide the following error code and additional information.
Now, having recommended a report to Blogger Support or Blogger Help, one might think that there would be some email or other means of reporting the problem.

But no!

At most one is invited to join a group -- another group! -- and have random people (some of whom may be as ignorant as me -- or even more ignorant -- I kind of hope, actually, that this may be possible) venture their suggestions.

I suspect that the real problem is that Blogger is rolling out a new interface. I've seen reference to this on my other blogs that you don't know about. I've not seen it here because I never did adopt the then-new and now-to-be-abandoned format for this blog.

But... in case someone (not you, Bee, I know) is interested, herewith a list of baseball-related posts from the Second Effort Archives....

  • Yes, Virginia, the White Sox really did win the World Series last year (April 2006)

  • Ring Day brings memories of other giveaway days (April 2006)

  • Update on Ring Day -- Or -- A demon has been exorcised? (April 2006)

  • Screwing up a kids' game... (June 2006)

  • A coaching career ends (July 2006)

  • Is it "love of the game" -- or are we just plain nuts? (April 2007)

  • The Amish Umpire and the Raptors' parents (May 2007)

  • A touchy-feely, Dr. Phil-type question.... about baseball (June 2007)

  • Setting a bad example: Parents melting down at kids' sporting events (September 2007)

  • Zombie child! (March 2009)

  • The most unkindest cuts of all (March 2009)

  • It's baseball season again in Chicago? (March 2010)

  • Curmudgeon gets conspiracy-minded about 1918 Cubs World Series loss (April 2011)

    elleeseymour said...

    I don't know much baseball, but maybe you should ditch blogger and try Wordpress.

    sari said...

    My oldest played in majors last year. My youngest (4) is playing T-Ball this year. The Little League leaning curve is shocking to me, I forgot all about this level of play.