Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It was warmer in Chicago yesterday than it was in...

Havana, Cuba.

We're getting weather here that we don't ordinarily get until June or July. Today is "the city's 8th consecutive record high in a string that began back on March 14 when the mercury peaked at a historic 81 degrees. Today's also marks the city's 7th 80 degree day this March, far more than the month's previous record of two recorded in 1986." In fact, says this WGN Weather Blog entry, this warm streak would be noteworthy in April because the most 80 degree days ever registered in a Chicago April is eight -- and we might get that eighth 80 degree day tomorrow.

This puts the long-time native Chicagoan on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Kids and newbies may be happy, but the person who has lived in Chicago, as I have, for several decades knows that there will be a price to pay.

Is that pessimism... or just experience?

I'm looking for that funnel cloud... or wall of water... New Madrid Fault anyone?

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Kacey said...

We left the Toledo area last Saturday for Ft. Myers, FL. It has been over 80 every day in both places and we are paying extra to be enjoying the same weather, but we do have palm trees here. (But I could have spent the money on other things while my DH could have played golf in Ohio) Dang!