Thursday, November 05, 2009

More on why Thanksgiving seems to be dropping off the calendar

"Cul de Sac" by Richard Thompson. (Click to enlarge.)
I obtained the image from UCLICK
but I read it
in print -- in this morning's Chicago Sun-Times.

My little complaint the other morning about how our culture seems to be moving directly from Halloween to Christmas, without even a passing nod to Thanksgiving, drew a fair amount of comments. And we're not the only ones thinking about this: Youngest Son announced the other night that he'd given out a "citizen's jug" to a freshman who had the temerity to hum a Christmas carol within Youngest Son's hearing. "It's not even Thanksgiving yet!" Youngest Son says he roared at the frightened frosh. Thereafter, Youngest Son put up a wallpaper collage on the home computer -- a football field with a helmeted turkey in the middle, triumphantly trampling a Christmas tree. On the screen is printed something like, "Thanksgiving first -- then Christmas."

For many years I've harbored the suspicion that Thanksgiving gets no retail respect because -- aside from grocers -- retailers can't figure out a way to make a buck off the holiday. But the above cartoon offers a new insight into a possible different explanation.

I really am looking forward, though, to playing Christmas carols all day on my iPod. But it's anticipation that makes Christmas special, for young and old alike. The kids have Santa Claus to look forward too; Catholics have Advent to focus their anticipation. My iPod will wait a little longer.


Dr Jenn said...

retailers don't make a buck off of the holiday but grocers sure do!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We seem to jump to Christmas in about August here in Britain!

Lawfrog said...

I'm with you. Thanksgiving gets no respect. It's my favorite holiday because everyone just gets together, eats great food, and has a wonderful time together. No pressure about buying gifts and such like there is with Christmas.

Ellee Seymour said...

That's a shame because it's important to maintain traditions. I think your observations about lack of financial gain for stores could well be something to do with it.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I LOVE Thanksgiving ... I am only required to show up with an appetite ( and some kind of dessert )

landgirl said...

It is a shame that Thanksgiving gets short shrift. It always has been one of my favourite holidays. More so now that I am so far away.
Since my birthday is in early December, I don't start Christmas carols until the day after my birthday, but then I really go to town with em.

Skittles said...

I got in my car recently and my usual radio station was already playing Christmas music nonstop. I mumbled something like "oh hell no" and changed the station. WAY too early if you ask me.