Thursday, October 08, 2009

The trilogy is complete

I've mentioned that I had to write three appellate briefs in the past month. Two of these were reply briefs, which diminishes the enormity of the task considerably. But it was a good amount of work for me... especially because there were other matters to attend to as well (these made all the more urgent by the fact that I'm getting stiffed on the bill for first of these three briefs). And, of course, all this activity cut significantly into my blogging time.

The good news for me is that I sent the last of these briefs off to my co-counsel late last night.

The good news for you, my dwindling handful of readers, is that you were spared my incredibly bad, almost-certainly-wrong, until-this-year-annual, fearless MLB playoff predictions. Because the games started yesterday... while I was working on my last brief.

I worked from home yesterday, diligently and without interruption between 8:00 and about 3:00. That's when Middle Son came back from a job interview. I was far enough along in my task that I didn't mind that he wanted to turn on the ballgame.

I thought of Cliff yesterday, an occasional visitor to this blog and a die-hard Cleveland Indians fan... as Cliff Lee pitched a gem for the Phillies and C.C. Sabathia was effective against the tired Twinkies. I thought it had somehow been declared Cleveland Day in the MLB Playoffs until Middle Son reminded me that Victor Martinez doesn't play until tonight.

Mind you, I didn't actually watch these games, though they were on in the room where I was. I kept working until late in the Dodgers game, when I finally finished. I moved from the computer chair to my recliner in anticipation of watching the last couple of innings, at least... and promptly fell asleep.

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74WIXYgrad said...

You know, I lamented all those trades that Mark Shapiro made until I realized that what he did was bring a championship...To the Akron Aeros. Maybe next season he can work on the fortunes of the Lake county Captains and Columbus Clippers.

And I also think that on the promotional schedule next season will be the Player to be named later Bobblehead night, and a demonstration on throwing the manager under the bus by Mark Shapiro.