Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heads or Tails #110 -- "Cause"

I almost missed today's Heads or Tails 'cause it's Monday for me, yesterday having been a court holiday. I hope Barb will forgive me.

Anyway, today's task is to write something about "cause." Arguably, I just did... go back and read the preceding paragraph... but let's not get technical....

Teenagers have no sense of cause and effect.

That's the entire reason why teenage boys make the best soldiers: They have unchanneled, testosterone-fueled aggression and they don't understand cause and effect.

But it's not just matters of life and death that teenagers don't understand. All week long, increasingly frustrated parents warn that Sam or Sally will not get the car on Saturday night unless the kid's bedroom is picked up. Saturday night arrives, the room still looks like an unlicensed landfill, and the teenager can't understand why he or she can't have the car keys.

(I used to doubt this. I thought they knew perfectly well but were just stubborn. But I've changed my views from long, bitter, and frequent observation....)

Kids don't understand that laundry doesn't do itself. Or that money isn't always available.

I deny this, of course, but some might claim that I once suffered from this deficiency. Perhaps you did as well.

Thankfully, most of us outgrow this.

Those that don't go into politics.


The Beach Bum said...

Curmudgeon -

First, I thank you for your comment on my Blog about my health.

My three children were the same way, fortunately they have become semi-responsible adults.

At one point in time the "light bulb" lights up and they understand cause and effect.

I wrote about politicians today and your summation is very correct.

The Beach Bum

i beati said...

so sensitive I wonder about these young people as well sandy

Karen said...

LOL "they become politicians. So funny. My kids eventually outgrew their lack of understanding cause and effect.