Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heads or Tails #84 -- sea or see

I see this morning that Barb, the creative force behind Heads or Tails, has, with the assistance of Hootin' Annie, effected repairs to the HoT blogroll. My congratulations. You can see the new blogroll if you scroll far enough down on this page.

Hootin' Annie... Hootin' Annie... when I see the name I don't necessarily get... oh, wait. When I say it. Ah. Now, I see it.

Well, anyway, today we are to choose between "see" or "sea" as our topic. Never fear, though: I'll spare you the story of how the blind carpenter's sight was restored. (He picked up his hammer and saw. I guess you can see now that I didn't spare you, did I?)

No, this topic provides another opportunity to complain about how I am again at sea -- and not on a cruise ship either. No, to be 'at sea' in this sense means to be lost and bewildered. But why would you want to see that?

So, instead, I'll sign off quickly and get back to work. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm underwater at present (keeping with the nautical theme before I even knew it had been declared), so I shouldn't be sailing here 'round the the Blogosphere in the first place. Court tomorrow, a meeting, piles of records to review: Posting may be sporadic the rest of the week.

See you later.


Barb said...

I imagine a lot of people are lost and bewildered. Myself included on almost any given day. :)

Tumblewords: said...

Treading water is so American. Keep your head above the surface. :)

NoBS said...

You crack me up!