Sunday, February 04, 2007

Waiting for the pre-game shows to end

Sr. Jean Kenny predicts the Bears will beat the Colts this evening 30 to 27. She predicted the Bears' victory over the Saints. She only predicted a three point margin there, too. And the Bears won by a lot more than that.

All I know for certain is that two weeks of pre-game programming will finally end in another eight hours.

It is impossible to go anywhere in Chicago and environs today without seeing people dressed in Bears paraphernalia. Bears flags are flying from cars, from front porches. The HDTV vendors have done a land office business these past couple weeks in Chicago, too. From what Older Daughter reports, it is no different in Indianapolis. And Oldest Son was essentially asked by the public authorities to leave the State of Indiana for the weekend. He was here last night, watching hours of documentary features on the '85 Bears on a cable network that he can't get in South Bend. "And we don't get NFL Network or ESPN News," he reports, with the shocked tone a normal person might use on discovering that the rented vacation home does not have running water). Imagine the horrors of not having two more channels with all pre-Super Bowl coverage all the time!

And people wonder why the game seldom lives up to the hype. Nothing could live up to this hype.

But I need to excuse myself and start getting on my game face.

Photos taken from the Chicago Tribune web site.


Anonymous said...

I jiust hope you guys know how to behave yourself, in this country, the men often behave like zombies during a football match. Now why would that be?

Funny how I keep finding so many interesting American topics to write about (see my latest post), do you ever write up much about ethical issues in the UK?

Smalltown RN said...

Oh the's crazy....if only we got so excited about things that really matter in this world.....

Have fun with the game.....


Shelby said...

sorry 'bout da bears.. maybe next year

MommasWorld said...

I was actually watching a bit of the Pre-game so I could time my shopping just right. I didn't want to get behind the wheel until I knew for sure all the last minute munchies shoppers were off the roads. When I was sure the game had started I knew I would be I thought. Oh well, new lesson learned over at my place.