Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Looking at statistics -- or -- Fun with a pie chart

Here's a pie chart from my Sitemeter page taken yesterday. It shows the countries of origin for people visiting this blog.

Now it's not surprising that most of the 'hits' come from the U.S. This is a big country. I was actually surprised to see that only 6% of my 'hits' come from the U.K. because so many of my repeat offenders are from England or Scotland.

But the pie chart doesn't show how long people stay. Some 9% of my hits come from China -- and never a single comment. So I'm guessing my Chinese visitors are arriving mostly via the "Next Blog" button and departing by the same route. Perhaps my brand of humor doesn't translate well into Chinese.

I was actually surprised to see that 1% of my visitors came from Australia and another 1% from New Zealand. I've never had an Australian or New Zealander leave a comment either and, unlike China, there's no language barrier involved with these countries.

Well, not as much of a language barrier.

But the number that jumped off the page at me was that 3% of my visitors are from an "unknown country." Three per cent is a significant number; that's how many visitors I get from Canada, too.

So it wasn't just an error. I got all excited when I saw that 3% unknown country slice, thinking maybe that I was getting supernatural visitors.

Then I checked my Shakespeare: Hamelet spoke of "the undiscovered country, from whose bourn no traveler returns."

So that wasn't it. Even if we count Picard as posting from an unknown country (even though I have it on good authority his posts are routed from the 24th Century to England) -- he alone doesn't the entire 3% make. So maybe... maybe the visitors from the unknown countries really are from waaaaaaaaay out of town.

I just wish they'd leave a comment. I wish you would, too.


susan said...

According to this, Canada is the unknown country...

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

curmy if you look at that sitemeter too much you will go blind honey...

smiles, bee

sari said...

Well, hi from one of your regular 71%...I'd happily live in an "unknown" country but haven't quite made the trip yet.

Or have I?

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

back again, i did something similar today, the lurkers are starting to creep me out! sigh, bee

Linda said...

I don't think that they are so much "lurkers" as they are "passersby". When I last looked at my site statistics regarding visit length, I have a whopping 81.6% that stay for less than 5 seconds. LESS THAN 5 SECONDS! Tell me those folks aren't just hitting the "next blog" button!

So like I said, they aren't lurking - heck, they're not even looking!

Barbara said...

Well I got to you on a Google blogsearch looking to see if others are getting increased hits from China. I started getting a few Beijing hits the other day and they seemed to be the same two repeat visitors. They also do not appear to be coming through on the "next blog" thing on the navbar - those do show up as referrals, these are not. But jiminez...10 of my last 15 hits were from there so I posted a screenshot of that from my sitemeter and basically begged for somebody to tell me what's going on :) Of course, two more hits from China including my Beijing visitor since then and ... not a word.

The less than five seconds thing could mean they're reading the page and closing it out. Sitemeter only records the time if they click on a link in your page. Otherwise it will always record 0:00 with 1 page view. Can't tell if they're reading or not.