Thursday, February 28, 2013

Starting an Internet trend (or launching a neologism) isn't as easy as you might think

Zay N. Smith, the host and proprietor of one of my favorite web sites, QT, has created a minor Internet sensation with the phrase "tap-dancing militant Islamic fundamentalists." In Wednesday's column, for example, he claims 2,460 Google hits for this phrase. He may be too modest: My own Google search came up with "about 36,500" hits. But there are duplicates, of course.

My own ambition is to create a word. I've set the word "microminiholidayette" free on the Internet -- it's a perfect word to describe many observances highlighted over at The Blog of Days -- with the hopes of it someday finding a home in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Alas, my own Google for "microminiholidayette" today turned up 55 responses, all of them this blog or BOD -- with the sole exception of a couple of foreign "scraper" sites which have, for reasons of their own, pirated BOD posts.

The OED is a looooong way off.

But you can help. Use the word microminiholidayette in your own blog. Use it in personal, private emails -- where only your intended recipients and the U.S. Government's supercomputers will see it. Drop it into casual conversation.

Not sure what a "microminiholidayette" is? Well, today is National Tooth Fairy Day, National Public Sleeping Day, National Chili Day, National Chocolate Souffle Day, and National Pancake Day. Surely, any of these would qualify.

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Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

hmmm, i sort of like it as an every-day sort of thing in my world!

smiles, bee