Friday, February 15, 2013

Blog of Days update, sort of

I've managed to keep The Blog of Days going on a daily basis now for 9½ months, which just goes to show you what you can accomplish by choosing a specific focus (unlike this blog) and writing deliberately short posts (really unlike this blog).

I think traffic is building over there, too (I hope you've dropped in). According to Google, BOD had 61 page views yesterday and 19,100 in total since I started the venture last April 30. By comparison, Google says this blog had 321 page views yesterday, and 186,097 since I've asked Google to keep track. Both of these lag well behind the traffic figures generated by my main 'public' blog (that is, the one I write under my real name).

The other thing that makes me think traffic is building at BOD is that it, too, is beginning to be plagued with spam comments. I've deleted 30 spam comments on this blog so far today (oops, make that 31 -- I just deleted one for phone sex), but I've also had to delete 10 spam comments today so far at BOD. My main 'public' blog also gets spammed -- sometimes 50 or even 80 comments are waiting for me to delete when I go over there.

Of course, this tells me that a significant portion of my audience is composed of spammers. Accordingly, I can't get too giddy over raw numbers of page views.

I also have a Sitemeter counter on this blog and on BOD. My most recent Sitemeter update for this blog says I averaged only 45 discrete visitors per day over the past week, and only 51 page views. My main 'public' blog averaged 142 discrete visitors per day, according to Sitemeter, with an average of 195 page views. Both of these figures are far behind what Google reports (naturally, therefore, I am more inclined to accept Google's numbers). But the real surprise is that, according to Sitemeter, BOD hasn't had any visitors at all for about a month.

Something's definitely not quite right here.

Neither fame nor fortune seem in the cards anytime soon for my little blogging empire. Maybe I need a catchy slogan to jump-start traffic. How about this one?

Read the Curmudgeon's blogs.
Spammers love 'em -- you will too!


Well, maybe I'll come up with something better over the weekend....

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sari said...

Maybe you have spammers because of your ads? I couldn't copy the picture but it said "Babeland's Best: 20th Anniversary Collection of Sex Toys".

(I laughed).