Thursday, October 25, 2012


Among the many things Long Suffering Spouse does better than me is wait. While she waits for someone or something she grades tests or papers, or does lesson plans, or updates seating charts -- something, always something.

When I send out an email and I'm waiting for an answer, I sit. I check my email over and over again. I read a couple of comics. I fret. I look at my email again -- but, basically, nothing, always nothing.

My story is that I have to set up to do anything. I have to budget uninterrupted time to get anything done. You know how you get uninterrupted time in a solo law practice -- even one as bad as mine's become? Come in on Sundays. Other than that, there's no guarantee.

Especially when you can't wait well. I can't stop thinking about what I'm waiting for and focus on the next task -- because I know I'll have to shift gears again just as soon as what I'm waiting for arrives.

Today, I'm waiting for responses to three emails. I just got the phone call I'd also been waiting for and now I have something to do. Which I'll do immediately.

Well, almost immediately.

I have to sign out of Blogger... and check my email again.

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