Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Olaf is employed; Long Suffering Spouse reacts

Reading over the last few posts it seems that, in all the fuss and bother about the new grandchild, I seem to have skipped over a very important fact: Olaf got the job he'd been interviewing for.

You certainly could have inferred that from the last couple of posts -- but let me back up a bit.

On the subject of Olaf's employment, I left you sort of hanging with my September 24 post. In that post I'd mentioned that Olaf had gone to a job interview early in the morning. This was a second interview, with a man who'd been unable to see Olaf on the first go-round because he -- the interviewer -- had been in the hospital.

The interview went well. It went so well that Olaf was asked to come back next day -- as an employee.

So that was Tuesday. Baby came Wednesday -- and Olaf bolted from work the moment he learned that his bride had been admitted to the hospital. He stayed at the hospital Wednesday night and all day Thursday leading to the rather pointed questions that Oldest Son asked Olaf on Thursday evening: "So. You've got a new job? Congratulations. How many days have you worked? One? And how many have you taken off?"

But I already told you that story.

What I didn't share with you was the scene of wild celebration in the Curmudgeon home on Monday evening when we learned that Olaf would be gainfully employed and that he would have full family insurance coverage within 30 days.

OK, maybe not wild celebration in the sense of trumpets blaring, bands playing, dancers strewing rose petals and such. But we were pretty darn happy, let me tell you. Happy and relieved.

Long Suffering Spouse was thrilled, and she told Olaf so: "I'm so happy you have a job!"

Then she turned to me: "Now it's your turn."

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elleeseymour said...

Celebrations all round then! Wonderful! I hope the champagne flowed.