Thursday, July 09, 2009

Older Daughter's wedding approaches

Approaches, that is, like a stampeding herd of bison. Or is it lemmings?

We'll be off tomorrow to Indianapolis, where thunder, lightning and rain are forecast for the weekend.

I have begun, ever so tentatively, to think about what bottles I might bring. In the meantime I was amazed to observe this morning in our living room a stack of boxes and bags ready to be packed into the van. There's the ring pillow that Long Suffering Spouse made from scraps of the wedding dress, of course, and the 200 artsy-craftsy flowers, the satin blooms also being made from dress scraps (it's a big dress) and already stuffed with birdseed. The groom's church, where the ceremony is to take place, does not allow rice to be thrown.

And there are all sorts of other things as well, packed and not yet packed. My mother-in-law is flying down. Her dress is going in the van. Oldest Son's fiance is also flying down. Her dress is going in the van, too, along with my wife's dress and Younger Daughter's. The giant bridal gown has already been shipped to Indianapolis, apparently in a C-47 cargo plane chartered for the occasion. It is -- I am assured -- a really big dress.

For what it cost, the dress should have been large enough to cover the nakedness of the entire assembled congregation.

Youngest Son is already in Indianapolis, ostensibly to help his sister and her husband-to-be set up their newly-rented apartment. By newly-rented I mean they signed the lease last week. No sense in waiting to the last minute....

Long Suffering Spouse remarked last night that Youngest Son would likely be bored to tears in Indy, waiting for the rest of us to arrive. It occurred to me, however, given Youngest Son's recent car calamity, that he might have been particularly eager to get out of Dodge. I voiced that suspicion to Middle Son -- who looked at me and smiled in surprise.

I actually figured something out!

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sari said...

Good luck, I hope it all goes well!