Sunday, December 07, 2008

Second Effort reaches third Blogiversary!

Go figure.

Not only have I kept this blog open for three years as of today, counting today's trivial pursuit, I've posted 929 times. And, of those 900+ posts, several of them (maybe as many as a dozen, although I'm biased) are pretty darned good. Of course (as some of you haven't been too shy to note) most of them are just too darned long.

They just don't seem so long when I write them.

Anyway, I am grateful to all of you who've happened by... and particularly grateful to those of you who've left comments and linked here. My Sidebar list may not be entirely up to date, but as of today it includes:
  • Captain Picard's Journal

  • Blog, blah, blah

  • Doctor Anonymous

  • Muffin 53; Bee's other site

  • Musings of a Phenomenal Webmistress

  • A Place I call Home

  • Nurse Ratched's Place

  • Crouching Mommy, Hidden Laundry

  • The Geek Inside

  • Sarge Charlie

  • The Bestest Blog of All-Time; The New Bestest Blog

  • Skittles' Place

  • Tuskismom Speaks

  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' Blog

  • A Work of Art: Raising Our Exceptional Son

  • Time with Shelby

  • Home Fires... by Lois Lane; Lois' -- er, Kimberly's -- NBC Blog

  • about a nurse

  • Ellee Seymour

  • Soapbox Jury

  • Thermal

  • stuff and nonsense

  • Toadally Talking


  • "Life's A Dance You Learn As You Go..."

  • The Boomer Chronicles

  • A little piece of me

  • The Beach Bum Report

  • Are We There Yet??

  • La La Land

  • Where fiber meets mud

  • The Mind Wobbles

  • Letting each other go

  • Peppermint Energy

  • Home in the Highlands

  • Momma's World

  • Frannycakes

  • All Blogged Up: A Moof's Tale

  • Untwisted Vortex - Living in a Different Land

  • Critique My Blog!

  • Late Bloomer Boomer

  • When I Grow Up

  • It's A Boomer Life

  • Talking to Myself

  • Airhead 55

  • Rather Than Working

  • Cathy's Place

  • wading through my stream of consciousness...

  • The Rising Blogger

  • Liquid Illuzion

  • Maybe I'm Just Confused(Aisby)

  • The Post College Years-Part Two (~*silverneurotic*~)

  • WIXY's Gone Bananas

  • Welcome to the Bobosphere!

  • Down River Drivel

  • Charli and me

  • Cookie's Oven

  • Pheasantly Fascinating

  • Rico's Rants

  • Tales from the Den of Chaos

  • Gimme Patience

  • Lucy Blues

  • Kentucky Baby Boomer Going Like Sixty

  • Shelley's Case

  • Barely Pixilated

  • The Third Half Of Life
  • And now... onto the thousandth post?


    Dave said...

    I think you qualify as prolific. Keep at it, I enjoy reading what you write, even when it's long.

    Sarge Charlie said...

    There has been more than a few that were pretty damned good. One to 1 K

    Shelby said...

    Yours is one of my favorite reads.. keep it up. I've turned my mom into your writing too.. she doesn't understand blogs tho. I just tell her you're an attorney in Chicago who writes most days. She gets that part.

    And she likes it.

    74WIXYgrad said...

    Must be a weekend of milestones. Yesterday I wrote post number 800.

    Congratulations to your third year of blogging.

    Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

    congratulations curmy! you and dr. a were two of my first ever commenters. we now officially have a "past". ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

    Chris said...

    Congratulations Curmudgeon, you've maintained the quality level across the years as well - and for once I say that without sarcasm ;-)

    Second Effort? Great Effort!

    Rob said...

    Congrats on the blogiverssary!

    I always look forward to seeing your new posts pop up in my Google Reader list!

    Mother Jones RN said...

    Happy Blogiversary, Big Guy. Can't wait to read what you write in the coming years.


    Kacey said...

    Don't ever stop! I look forward to your musings and the price is right. You're sort of the young, male Erma Bombeck. Here's to the next 929 posts!

    katherine. said...

    and thanks for all the insightful posts...and many laughs

    Patti said...

    Congratulations Mr. Curm...three years, wow!

    I'm honored to be in your sidebar. Your posts are always prolific and thought-provoking.

    Love your sense of humor.