Tuesday, November 06, 2012

OK, maybe this did constitute electioneering

Whenever there's an election, there are questions that arise about electioneering.

We've come a long way, baby.

Used to be the candidates would put out food and beverage to induce their supporters to come out to the polls -- now, typically, candidates or their supporters are not allowed within x feet of the polling place (x varies from state to state). You can't wear campaign buttons when you go to vote either. You can bring in information to help you complete the ballot, but you can't do anything that might be construed as an attempt to influence the next guy in line. That might be considered "electioneering."

So how about setting up a voting booth next to an Obama mural at a school in Philadelphia?

Well... guess what? Liz Goodwin reports in a story posted this afternoon on Yahoo! News that a Pennsylvania judge order polling place workers to cover up this mural of President Obama after Republicans complained.

Some electioneering cases are easier than others.

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