Monday, November 12, 2012

"Maybe you are semi-retired"

You may be sure that the Teeny Tiny Law Office remains open for business here at the Undisclosed Location -- I mean here I am, in the office, on a court holiday, right? -- but my wife is less certain... thus her comment to me yesterday which I've made the title of today's essay.

Because, however, in my wife's eyes, I am semi-retired, I have become the Family Information Node. Younger Daughter has a doctor's appointment today. Long Suffering Spouse is hoping her daughter will text her -- but, if there's anything to report, she said, call Dad.


And we're back on pins and needles with Older Daughter's IVF treatments. I disclose nothing here because... because... because I don't want to tempt fate. But she also has a doctor's appointment today. And her mother gave her the same instructions.

Oh, yes, and the reason I'm in the office on a court holiday? Well the truth is, Long Suffering Spouse doesn't have the day off. I don't mind being Home Alone -- but with Younger Daughter and the Baby-To-Be-Named-Later in residence, I wouldn't be.

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Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

a nice quiet day at the office isn't so bad!

smiles, bee