Saturday, November 17, 2012

Even in Taiwan, they hate Jeffrey Loria

NMA.TV has jumped all over Jeffry Loria for dumping most of the big paychecks on his team on the Toronto Blue Jays, including long-time White Sox favorite Mark Buehrle. Yes, these high-paid free agents underperformed in Miami; so did their manager, Ozzie Guillen. I blame Loria (OK, I blame Ozzie a little, too, for cozying up to this doofus -- Ozzie should have known better). Anyway, I'll bet Toronto gets more out of all of them than ever Loria did. And Ozzie will land on his feet, too. (Although he won't ever become a Shakespearean actor.)

NMA.TV is a product of Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese subsidiary (says Wikipedia) of Next Media, a Hong Kong media conglomerate. Their Sims-like animations of events in the news are often quite funny.

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