Friday, September 21, 2012

Frivolous Friday: Everything I need to know I get from the comics, part 4,793

Dilbert, by Scott Adams; this image obtained from Yahoo! Comics
Every morning I sit down in the den at the old Curmudgeon Manse and browse the comics.  Dilbert is a daily read.  Maybe it's because I once had a boss who reminded me of Dilbert's pointy haired boss.  Today's Dilbert strip struck me as particularly funny -- in a wicked, wicked way.

I actually began laughing out loud -- well, I cackled in a low, sepulchral tone that Olaf, who was in the den as well, sipping his morning coffee, found somewhat disturbing.  (I once issued a challenge to those who claim to have "LOL'd" at a comic or a blog post to really try it sometime; I don't think most people who say they've LOL'd really have.)

The Lockhorns, by Bunny Hoest and John Reiner; obtained from the Chicago Tribune Comics Kingdom

This edition of the Lockhorns, however, did not make me laugh out loud.  Rather, it struck perilously close to home.

(Only I'd have to bring something home first.)

Hmmm.  For a 'frivolous' Friday, this post is taking a rather sombre turn.  Let's see... this comic yesterday struck me as rather funny:

Bliss, by Harry Bliss; image obtained from Chicago Tribune Comic Kingdom

You know, when life gives you lemons...

Although, on second thought, this one is only funny in a rather sad way, isn't it?

Well, one more chance.  We'll try the webcomic xkcd, by Randall Munroe (and if you have time, go to the site and view the comic before this one and spend the time clicking and dragging -- it was wonderful, but, I thought, enormously sad).  Of course, it might have been just me.

On the other hand, you know... this isn't much happier, is it?

So much for my "frivolous" Friday.  It seems I need an attitude adjustment, and pronto.

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