Saturday, June 02, 2012

Why I hate banks, part 5,548 (and counting)

This is an actual insert in a bill I paid yesterday.

Well, "paid" is an ambitious word.

I did put something on account.

The bill is actually due tomorrow -- but you can't pay a bill online to Bank of America unless it's from a Bank of America account. So, even though the bill is due tomorrow, payments after 4:00pm yesterday might be deemed late. (Maybe B of A now accepts Saturday payments now on branches open for business on Saturdays, but -- and I found this out the hard way not that long ago -- this was not always the case. I'm not taking any chances.)

(And We the People bailed these lovely creatures out, remember?)

Anyway, transferring balances from a high interest card to one that charges a less usurious rate is not a bad idea.

But this little gem was included in a bill on a card that charges 24.99% interest.

The only people who charge more than that answer to names like Icepick Louie or Tony the Knee-breaker -- and even some of them would be embarrassed to charge 24.99% interest.

(Not a lot of them, admittedly. But some.)

This is just another instance of adding insult to injury.

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Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i remember sarge ranting about them too, especially when they let undocumented aliens open accounts. he went into the bank and said to close his accounts and give him his money. they tried to write him a check and he said he didn't trust their check! he took cash.

smiles, bee