Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well, I did it. Sort of. More or less. We'll see.

We interrupt our wall-to-wall coverage of Younger Daughter's wedding for a format update: I actually followed through with my threat and upgraded my template. I tried to make it as consistent with what I'd been doing previously as possible.

Still, a lot of the cool buttons and gizmos that I'd stashed in the sidebar over the years disappeared. I don't know how I feel about that yet.

My blog list is much shorter. I know how I feel about that -- terrible.

People have dropped in and out of my online life over the years and then disappeared -- they have health issues -- they get bored -- they take offense -- they get jobs.

But I can't worry about who has gone, I can only be grateful for the people who keep coming back.

If I've left you off the blog list and you want back on, please let me know. All omissions of that sort were inadvertent.

The posts all come with little buttons now that allow readers to tweet posts, or link to them on Facebook or even Google+. (So far as I know, the only Google+ user in my circle of acquaintance is my son-in-law Hank -- and he doesn't know about this blog.)

But, whatever.

I've put in these cool social media buttons. That means I'm going to get all sorts of new links and readers and finally -- finally -- become an overnight sensation.



*Sound of crickets chirping*


AndyK said...

When I click on the Share on Facebook button, Facebook shows a little window for me to add comments. Facebook also scans your page for images and puts one in my posting (with arrow keys to skim through all the photos and pick the one I like best).

In this case it was the photos attached to the "from the archives" article teasers. Maybe you want to have a photo or some other icon that 'brands" your blog, so that that will be picked up in Facebook postings.

The Curmudgeon said...

If I put an image with the post you share to Facebook, that will be suggested as a possible thumbnail. I'll try to remember to put more graphics in in future -- it's just that, while the content here is generally original, the graphics or pictures are usually not.

Related, I suppose: I tried putting a grumpy old man drawing as my Favicon -- the doohickey in the upper left of the top line of the blog -- but it didn't take. So I added it to my profile instead and now it should -- I think -- show up when I post this comment. But that wouldn't be a thumbnail for Facebook purposes either.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

that's an ugly little photo of you curmy! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Steve Skinner said...

Nice job!

Patti said...

{laughing at Bee's comment}

I refuse to write it in one of those abbreviated codea that the youngsters use. ;-)

sorry I missed all the nuptial and pre-nuptial postings. Congrats on the wedding and all!!

Hope you guys have recuperated.