Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Time to shake the blues with silliness -- starting tomorrow

Yesterday was the King holiday in the United States. It was also "Blue Monday," the most depressing day of the year (although even Wikipedia dismisses the calculations that lead to that designation as pseudoscience).

The two are not related -- although one news report I heard suggested that a good way to cope with Blue Monday would be to take the day off. On the other hand, most people in the private sector here don't get the King holiday off. I took the day (courts were closed) but spent it working on my checkbook. That did nothing to help my depression.

This morning, I heard that today is the day that most Christmas bills become due and also the day on which most people abandon their New Year's resolutions. (Who spends time figuring this stuff out? And how do they live with themselves?)

It's still dark in the morning when we trudge to work, and dark when we start for home. The Christmas lights are gone, mostly, the desultory remnants merely a teasing reminder of the twinkling beauty that held back the night just a month ago. Nothing holds back the night now.

So... it's time to be silly. I promise to be frivolous and frothy for the rest of the week. (OK, I reserve the right to be bitter, as long as the intent is to be funny.)

But that's tomorrow. We all have to get through today.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i don't ever remember hearing of blue monday but i can say i am... i got the pathology back on sarge. buggers.

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Funny enough, I was really happy, and I had a TON of energy yesterday...almost the complete opposite of how I was feeling the rest of the month.