Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So many things I don't understand...............

Sometimes the strangest questions come to me.

In an English shopping mall, are the up escalators on the right or the left? You'd think that, since they drive on the wrong, er, left side of the road, their up escalators would be also be on the left... but I don't know if that's so.



Dave said...

I have no idea; but, I love your AdSense ads. Have you been talking about vodka, used cars and/or fading rock stars lately?

Eileen said...

Just to show it's something you don't think about at the time - really had to think about that and I can't check as I now live in Italy! However - as I remember, in the London Underground you go up on the right hand side and down on the left looking from the bottom but you stand on the left and walk on the right (according to my husband). But then in shopping centres you sometimes get sets to fool you with two in the middle going in one direction (usually down) and one on each side going the other.

And may I correct you - we drive on the right side of the vehicle! ;-)