Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Heads or Tails #74 -- Feet or feat

We interrupt the media's all-Obama, all the time coverage to play Heads or Tails, the weekly meme, brought to you by Barb, of Skittles' fame.

In today's installment, we may consider feet -- those appendages traditionally protruding beneath the ankles -- or, alternatively, a measure of distance. I could write about shoes, I suppose, and tell you how Youngest Son's newest pair are so large they subject to requisition by the Secretary of the Navy in time of war. His feet are now each longer than a foot. Which seems rather contradictory when you look at it.

Alternatively, we can talk about "feat" -- as in an accomplishment -- which could bring us back to today's uber-topic on TV, radio, and any new page you open on your Internet browser, namely, Mr. Obama's inauguration. But I saw this cartoon on the train and it got me thinking....

(Pearls Before Swine, obtained this morning from Yahoo! Comics,
though I saw it first in the Chicago Sun-Times. Click to enlarge.)

I fearlessly predict that this cartoon will cut out and taped onto, or next to, copier machines all around the country today.

I'm proud of my ability to clear most paper jams from our copier here at the Undisclosed Location. Just the other morning, when I came in, I heard a strange noise coming from our kitchen/ copy room: One of my colleagues had gotten the machine jammed after I'd left for the evening. Though he made efforts to rectify the problem on his own, he was unsuccessful. The red "error" light was flashing on the machine console, a repeating scarlet accusation in the darkened copier room.

Embracing the challenge, I followed the instructions on the screen and soon opened the doors and moved the necessary levers to expose the problem. Within the space of few minutes, the singed paper was extricated and the machine restored to functionality. There was no one here to acknowledge my feat... but I was not seeking the applause of the crowd. I was just doing what I'd been trained to do.

OK, so it's not landing a plane safely on the Hudson River.

But it's pretty much all I got. Sorry.


Tumblewords: said...

Paper jams are only for the most talented! Good post!

NoBS said...

I used to work with a guy who had a special talent to CAUSE paper jams.

For some reason, in 8 years of this, he never once even tried to figure out how to fix it. He would simply walk away. He did the same if it ran out of paper.

Whenever someone would fix the jam or fill the paper tray, the rest of his project would come filing out.

Barb said...

I am here to applaud, yes, APPLAUD, your bravery, skill and talent in unjamming that copier!!! You're truly an unsung hero. :)

My daughter played the original Sims game, too. The nice thing about having it on a PC was that you could have different "saves." On PS2 you can only have one save per memory card.


When her person fell in love, got married, went under the sheets for a romp.. a baby would result. (Kind of like real life.) If the baby grew into an ugly child, she would build a room, put the child in there and replace the door with a wall.

Maybe I should have foreseen her child rearing problems?

I'll admit that I mostly liked building houses and rearranging furniture. The cheat code helped me with this. I'm not using a cheat code now. I just wanted to point that out.

At the risk of turning this comment into a short story..

I've been watching the Inauguration all day. (That was the first time all day I spelled it right, too.) Taking a quick break while they're eating lunch. I hope the cameras don't follow him to the bathroom...

Misty DawnS said...

I stayed late at work on Friday to help with a big project. Of course, in the middle of said big project, we had a paper jam which took forever to locate. Wish you were here!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, if I pay you will you move your undisclosed location closer to my undisclosed location so you can come over on a semi-regular basis to clear these ridiculous jams?

I loved your cellphone story too. That is definitely something that is becoming typical.