Friday, March 22, 2013

Frivolous Friday and the least likeable first sign of Spring ever

I didn't do a Frivolous Friday last week and, although no one appears to have noticed, and certainly no one complained, I kind of like it and this is my blog.

This Arlo and Janis cartoon (by Jimmy Johnson) from March 14 struck me as funny... and true. The old guy I see in my pictures isn't the virile, mature man who stares back at me in the mirror.

Scott Adams' Dilbert is often thought-provoking. Yesterday's episode, for example, illustrates the very problem I tried to talk about here yesterday -- doing good work isn't good enough, not unless you also Facebook / Tweet / LinkedIn / Instagram and/or Tumblr it, too.

But before you accept that as the new Received Wisdom, however, note who says this is so.

OK, so far, we've had more angst than frivolity. Let me attempt to make amends here, with the March 20 Bizarro comic, by Dan Piraro:

Or... alternatively... our unhappy barfly is in downtown Chicago.

Well, I found it funny.

I conclude this week's brief comic review with today's episode of Vic Lee's Pardon My Planet (trust me, this will provide an almost-smooth transition to the second part of the post promised in today's title):

Yes, ants. Ants are the least likeable first sign of Spring ever, especially when they take over your kitchen. The dishwasher was on last night when we fell asleep watching the TV. Younger Daughter should have run it during the day, but didn't, and, as a result, the sink was full of dishes and pots and bowls that did not fit in the dishwasher before the load was begun.

When Long Suffering Spouse and I awoke, long past the end of the news, neither one of us felt like emptying the dishwasher and reloading it.

This was a mistake.

This morning, I came down to the kitchen to get my wife's prune juice and turn on the coffee. First, I had to turn on a light.

The kitchen counter, and the kitchen sink, were undulating. Undulating, I tell you -- no, this wasn't some sort of '60s acid flashback -- the sink and counter were alive with ants. Little, tiny brown ants like the kind that ate my dessert last year at Easter.

I hate these ants.

I found the bleach spray that my wife uses in areas where food is prepared and dispatched hundreds, nay thousands, of the wee beasties, and wiped them up as best I could. I used paper towels. The kitchen sponges were bulging with ants.

Ick, ick, and double ick.

I still haven't seen a crocus or a rosebud, or a robin on the wing. It's still cold -- it may snow here this weekend -- but Mother Nature has decreed that Spring has sprung.

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Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

ant farm??? that is SO funny!!! sorry about the ants, i have had them too, luckily not now though. they would get in my water pik looking for a drink! ACKKKKKK! don't ask my how i found them either!

smiles, bee