Sunday, March 10, 2013

This blog has an email link... and it's been spammed

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer wants all her employees to come into the office -- no more working from home.

And it's no wonder: Yahoo! email is increasingly insecure.

I have a Yahoo! email address for this blog... and everyone in my address book got spammed this afternoon.

I use another Yahoo! email address for my public blogs... and everyone in that address book got spammed a few months back.

And it seems hardly a week goes by without my receiving at least a couple spam Yahoo! emails -- a single line live link with no subject line but from a real, known person so it gets by most spam filters. Click on the link and you give the spammers access to your address book -- and somehow that includes passwords, too. I've just changed all my passwords... again.

Ms. Mayer and her newly reunited office mates really need to look into why Yahoo! email is particularly vulnerable.

She needs to make this a priority.


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