Monday, April 25, 2011

Chicago's #1 -- Our gas price leads the nation

The Chicago Tribune reports today that the average gasoline price in Chicago is $4.27 a gallon. That's what I paid yesterday morning; I guess this news that makes me feel a little better. At least, according to the article, I didn't overpay.

One of the gas stations closest to my house is at $4.45. I haven't been by the BP a little further north on Harlem, at Devon. That's usually the most expensive anywhere around. For obvious reasons, I'm not driving anywhere I don't have to these days.

Now the question comes up: Is there gouging going on here? This is a question on the order of 'is the sky blue'?

I did a post whining about gasoline prices in late June 2008, when the national price was $4.08 a gallon (it's $3.88 currently, according to the linked Tribune article). At the time of that June 26, 2008 post, crude oil prices were fluctuating from a high of $139.89 to around $134 when the post appeared. Today, oil prices are dropping from around $113 to $111.75 a barrel.

Yet, prices at the pump are higher. At least in Chicago. It's over $4 a gallon in California, too.

I hope I'm as fond of capitalism as anyone. But thievery is thievery. And someone should be going to jail.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i heard on the local news that in palm beach county the prices have gone up every day for the past nine days! right now they are running between 3.87 and 4.08. buggers...

smiles, bee

Dave said...

Only (hah) $3.67 here today at Sams Club. I've read the difference between 2008 and now is increased international demand, more uncertainty in the oil regions and some speculation. But, damned if I know. And I do know that know one with any ability to do anything about is going to do anything about it.