Monday, September 13, 2010

The vultures closing in?

We start this week with a deposition, later this afternoon, and I will have to spend more time preparing for it than I can bill. My memory buffers should be working better than they are, especially the short-term ones, but there it is. A great deal of studying must be undertaken here.

If the depositions weren't so spaced out -- if they were conducted in a couple of weeks' time, as I'd proposed, for example, as opposed to one every couple of weeks -- things might be different. But they aren't.

One of the reasons why the memory buffer is so stuffed is I am trying to cram an appeal into the next two weeks. It is a lengthy record, bordering on huge: Two trials (so far) and I am expected to persuade the Appellate Court that there must be a third. If one imagines that the learned justices of the aforementioned Appellate Court may view this suggestion with some skepticism, one would probably be entirely on point. Still, we have our orders, and the promise of a significant hourly fee that will probably be paid before the end of the year.

Probably. I have had a serious run of significant fees that remain receivables -- promises that are never redeemed -- wishes that are never fulfilled. This creates rather a crimp in my cash flow. The credit card companies are not interested in my flush receivables. These are populated by shallow creatures. They are interested solely in my anemic checking account. If they employed more well-balanced individuals, they might appreciate the larger picture. But, alas.

If the bill is paid, I hope I'm still here to receive it: The weekend mail brought two new bills -- and no checks. As we are at the height of the tuition season just now, this ratio must be reversed... and soon.

Somehow, in the past, as those of you who have endured my regular bouts of self-pity in these essays, I have always managed to scrape by. But it seems that I must become more creative each and every month: This month I paid my rent with money withheld for taxes. Those of you who know about such things will likely recognize the defect in this strategy.

Though I'd rather be blogging, it appears I'd better get to work.

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Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

well buggers curmy, that sucks.

smiles, bee