Saturday, May 15, 2010

Everything I need to know I get from the comics, part 4,789

Oldest Son gets married a week from today -- in Texas -- so I'll be traveling. Maybe that's why this cartoon struck me so funny:

(Click to enlarge.)

My kids would expect me to say just what the lobster on the left says here.

Fine. Alright, I do miss film cameras -- you could see what you were attempting to photograph through the viewfinder. Depending on the camera, you might even be able to focus on the object of your picture -- that you could see through the viewfinder, remember -- instead of letting the camera decide what to focus on.

The modern digital cameras can make lovely pictures, but usually by accident. Have you ever actually seen an image on the LCD on the back of a digital camera while attempting to photograph something in full daylight? I sure haven't. I wind up taking pictures of feet or sky or elbows. My fingers don't get in front of the lens -- that was a favorite trick of mine in the film days -- but in a crowd, I inevitably include the top of someone's head in the foreground. And it is on that unknown head that the camera will inevitably decide to focus.

"Tree Lobsters" cartoon taken from this site. You may find some of the cartoons on this site offensive -- I have -- mainly because the (presumably very young) cartoonist confuses hipness with hostility toward religion -- but, hey, this episode was funny... and many other Tree Lobster episodes are as well.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

all the best with the upcoming nuptials curmy...

smiles, bee

M Kimberlin said...

I think maybe he's just a tech-savvy atheist...not necessarily very young and hostile, but whatever. Re: digital cameras, you should try a DSLR. Almost all of these have regular view finders and normal lenses. I use a Cannon Rebel XSi, which I love (although there are plenty of others out there). You can zoom in and out by hand with a turn of the lens and choose either manual or auto focus. It feels just like the nice film-based cameras that you long for, but has all of the benefits of a digital. Plus it takes beautiful pictures! ;) I know Nikon makes some nice ones as well (check out their DXXX line).