Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Anonymity... and work... prevail

Remember that project I alluded to last week? The one that would -- and did in fact -- keep me from blogging all last week?

Well, it's still not done. In a sense, it's not begun, though I've got a much better handle now on the appellate record.

But time is becoming an issue, what with the wedding and all.

Recently, a couple of you were nice enough to send me invitations to "friend" you on Facebook. This would, of course, require me to drop my anonymity. I can't.

And it's projects like this currently undone one that make my dropping the mask impossible (see, I am going to try and tie these together).

I dread the day when this blog does come to the attention of my family (and to the attention of Long Suffering Spouse in particular) -- unless of course I have a book contract and an advance to go along with the revelation. Failing that, I can hear my wife's dismay as she looks at my 1000+ posts (1275 as of today, and counting) and asking -- this is what you were doing when you were supposed to be working?

Actually, even if I wasn't writing on line, I'd be reading. I have the attention span of a gnat -- I sign on line intending to check the status of a case on the Clerk of the Circuit Court's website... but, since I'm on, I have to check my email. And what are the headlines? I have to see if the world might have ended since I last logged on, don't I? And then there are other sites I like to visit... cartoons... I have a regular morning routine. So I'd probably spend far too much time on line to seem efficient in any event.

My other problem seems to be that I like this blog. I enjoy writing it. I particularly enjoy that at least a few people actually read it and seem to enjoy it, too. It's been a great memory aid and a way to relieve pressure. I think of each morning's post as a kind of exercise -- it's just... well, sometimes I spend too long in the gym.

(And, trust me, that's something that never happened in my real life!)

Long Suffering Spouse says I do my best work when I'm up against the hardest deadlines. She's probably right. I'd muse more on this topic... but I have to get ready for court now. Maybe after that I can get back to my brief?

No, I doubt it also.


Jeni said...

Although my blog is far from being anonymous, I can very much understand your need and desire to keep yours in that status.
And, just wanted to let you know that although I don't comment all that often, I keep your blog on my reader so that way, I never miss the opportunity then to read your most recent posts -which I also wanted to tell you, I enjoy your blog, your writings, very much!

Cristina said...

Although I mostly just lurk and don't comment I truly enjoy your blog.

My mother always said that 'if it weren't for that Last Minute, nothing would get done'. Its probably not original to her but it's very true.

Dave said...

1. "I think of each morning's post...." Which calendar are you working with?

2. No time and fear work wonders for my legal abilities.

3. Open an "I. Curmudgeon" Facebook account, my variation worked for me, though all my "friends" know who I am. I'll friend you if you come calling. Think about it, you can waste more time in smaller increments.

The Curmudgeon said...

Thank you, Jeni and Christina.

Dave -- that calendar remark hurt. (I believe the line is: I resemble that remark....) But I've been pretty good about posting most weekdays -- interruptions being announced in advance (and almost immediately thereafter regretted).

Besides, I probably "write" three or four posts... in my head... for every one that appears here or on one of my other blogs.

I know, I know: The ones I fail to use had to be better than the ones I actually go with....

I set myself up for it, didn't I?

sari said...

What? You don't trust us after all this time? It's not like you wouldn't know who *we* were, too...ha ha ha ha.

Dave said...

I was trying to think of something to write today, with little success. I ended up writing something with which I'm not pleased. Skipping a typing versus thinking day often makes sense.