Monday, April 20, 2009

Not on hiatus... exactly

Yes, I note that I've not posted since last Tuesday. And this will not be a substantive post either, I'm afraid.

(Please allow me to believe that sometimes my posts are substantive. Humor me.)

Nothing is wrong. I am simply swamped at present with work and other obligations. I have not fallen off the wagon... or climbed aboard, depending on what you think fuels these blog posts. Regular programming will resume at the earliest possible date.


Kacey said...

Don't fret, Curmey. We were looking for something good to read when we came here and we'll be back to check in when you are freed up from the cares of the world of law. It's called loyalty.

Shelby said...

life, it happens.

Barb said...

Take your time, but when you come back please visit :)

landgirl said...

Hello, Cur, I've been busy, too, so your hiatus gave me a bit of a chance to catch up.
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