Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why women are smarter than men: Part 6,721

Temperatures are expected to reach 90° F in Chicago today (thankfully, this is one of the first times all summer -- don't tell Al Gore, but it has been far cooler than usual in Chicago lately).

Today's hot weather provides an opportune moment to reflect on one of the many reasons why women are smarter than men.

You will see many women out on the street today -- office workers all -- wearing summer dresses. When a woman gets to her office she takes off her sneakers and puts them in the same drawer from which she removes her heels. She takes the sweater from the back of her chair and puts it on. Because it's cooler in the office than outside.

Compare this with what a man does: Men wear their jackets and ties on the street, perspiring profusely. When a man gets to his office, he takes off his jacket, loosens his tie and sits down to work. When he has to go somewhere again, he will tighten the tie, put on the jacket and step out into the heat.

The man will catch cold.

Now this pattern is no longer as universal as it once was. A female lawyer would not wear a sun dress to court, for example. And many men -- even male lawyers who don't have court today -- will take advantage of the move to 'summer casual' that has become popular in many offices. I work for one such enlightened employer (myself) and, because I have nothing up in court today, I wore neither a tie nor a jacket to the office. And I keep a sweater here because it truly is much cooler here at the Undisclosed Location than it is outside. Proving, I hope, that, though women are still smarter than men, we can catch up. Someday.

But I do still have a cold.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i just thought i'd let you know that you were funny today. in case you were interested! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Men would get told off by their bosses if they did that sort of thing.

SQT said...

My husband comes home everyday with the sweat stains under his pits because he wears his jacket in meetings. I'm not sure he has to but he does.

storyteller said...

I'm sorry you have a cold and hope you feel better soon. I love the fact that you have so many reasons why women are smarter than men ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

landgirl said...

Men could get smarter by listening to women. Would you please tell my husband that. He might listen to you.

Kacey said...

Nothing is worse than a summer cold....they hang on and on. Well, I suppose a winter cold in Chicago would be pretty bad, too, because in addition to sneezing and coughing....you would also be shivvering. My grandson was home from law school in Philadelphia for the 4th and his stomach hurt. I think it was the strain of getting B+'s. Seems that Penn is a bit tougher than Eastern Michigan. It just doesn't seem right to be sick in the summer..... you really think it's the suit coats that does it?