Monday, July 03, 2006

All-Star Last Chance Ballot inspires best election slogan

White Sox catcher and enfant terrible A.J. Pierzynski is on the MLB "last chance" ballot, with a chance to be the seventh White Sox player to go to Pittsburgh for next week's All Star Game.

It's a classic Chicago-type election: We can vote as often as we wish, without fear of consequences. In fact, voting early and often is encouraged.

Pierzynski's candidacy has inspired a number of slogans, but none better the one I heard on the radio this morning.

It's a Chicago slogan. (And we revere catchy slogans here: "Punch 10" is still etched in our collective memories; pale imitations of that slogan were used even in the last primary, years after the demise of straight ticket voting, and even though the old punch ballots have been abandoned in the aftermath of Bush v. Gore).

It's a slogan even Michael Barrett can get behind.

Now, excuse me while I get back to voting: Punch Pierzynski.

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