Friday, June 30, 2006

Bad karma, or something

From an AP story posted yesterday in Yahoo News:
BUFFALO, N.Y. - A pair of pot smokers picked the wrong day to use the drive-thru window at a KFC restaurant in Buffalo. Two men in their 20s pulled up to the restaurant's window and asked for the Wednesday special.

Meanwhile, a couple of narcotics detectives were inside ordering their food. That's when a cloud of marijuana smoke wafted into the restaurant. The detectives then spotted the two men smoking what one of the cops called "the biggest marijuana cigar you ever saw."

The detectives went outside and arrested 23-year-old Charles Morris and 26-year-old Gregory Quick, both of Buffalo. The two men were charged with possession of marijuana and smoking it in public
Sometimes the only luck you have is bad. I imagine Messrs. Morris and Quick, desperate with munchies, still having the presence of mind to purposely bypass a Dunkin' Donuts moments before pulling into the KFC: "Whoa! Dude, don't pull in there, that's, like, a donut shop. It's like a cop magnet or something, man. There's a KFC up ahead. Let's go there!" (I'm hearing the voices of Cheech and Chong as I imagine this dialog; perhaps this is a function of my age; perhaps it's the reference to the 'biggest marijuana cigar you ever saw' that triggers this.)

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