Sunday, July 09, 2006

Soccer fails as substitute for war and other observations

France beat Germany.

That should have proved the point.

But then France faces Italy in a battle for world domination! (That, you should pardon the expression, is overkill.)

A.J. Pierzynski secures election as the 'last man' on the American League All-Star Team because Chicagoans vote early and often for the controversial catcher.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated story in a Chicago Federal court, four high-ranking members of Mayor Daley's administration, including Daley's former patronage chief, are convicted of fraud.

Or is it an unrelated story?

Former George Bush pal and disgraced Enron chairman Ken Lay succumbs to a heart attack before he could be sentenced.

In an unrelated story, George Bush celebrates his 60th birthday in Chicago with current pal Mayor Daley -- the same day that the Federal jury returns mostly guilty verdicts against the aforementioned four high-ranking members of Mayor Daley's administration.

Are these stories unrelated?

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