Thursday, June 15, 2006

I haven't done 'law stuff' here for awhile...

There are two reasons: First, I have a 'public' (i.e., not anonymous) blog that I started fairly recently for legal-type posts.

You never know what may drum up business. (So far, however, nothing.)

Second, we lost a colleague here at our Undisclosed Location. To a heart attack. Over the Memorial Day weekend. This man had been our ringleader in organizing the move to this new office; while he was far from enamored with the practice of law (who is?) he was happy with our accommodations here. At least after the carpet was replaced.

So, just at the moment, 'law stuff' isn't really funny, for me.

But, as Adlai Stevenson III famously said, 'the sap is rising.'

An essay is beginning to take shape on file churning and discovery abuse. If I put this forthcoming rant on the 'public' blog, where my observations might more readily be related to specific cases, it might be seen as a personal attack on the persons whose conduct has, well, inspired me. Since that is not my intention, I hope to post it here, some time in the next few days.

I assume we can always sort out what should have gone where when the book contracts are signed....

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