Wednesday, April 10, 2013

With holes in his shoes, Curmudgeon waxes philosophical

It's raining in Chicago this morning, dark and chilly, and I discovered, while walking from the Subway to the Undisclosed Location, that my brown shoes seem to be less waterproof than I'd prefer. And I shined them up just a week ago, too.

Their appearance isn't half-bad. The reality, however....

Sorting reality from illusion is increasingly difficult in our high-tech age. That's the general perception, isn't it? We can project a carefully-cultivated "persona" into social media sites, our own digital picture of Dorian Gray, electronically concealing our real faults and ugliness. (That is, not just on dating sites!) Just this morning, I heard a report on the radio that suggested that employers are increasingly looking at Twitter to recruit new hires -- and job-seekers are trying to condense their life, career and essence into 140 characters. The traditional résumé may be replaced by short strings of text or six-second videos. Will that be the ultimate triumph of superficiality?

But, as I've gotten older, or as I prefer to express it, "more experienced," I begin to wonder if sorting 'reality' from illusion hasn't always been difficult. Facts can be slanted -- 'spun' -- arranged, recited in a glowing (or glowering) way in order to make the desired impression. That doesn't mean all facts are subjective; rather it means that we can only really be sure of the reality we ourselves perceive. All else is trust. And I grow less trusting day by day.

There's thunder now outside the Undisclosed Location. A sunnier day will produce a sunnier post.

Especially when I finish the application that I didn't get back to yesterday afternoon, despite my best intentions.

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Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i have often said that we compare our realities to other people's facades...

smiles, bee