Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Curmudgeon essay picked up by BoomSpeak

I link to Jay Harrison's BoomSpeak e-zine in my Sidebar. Perhaps you've noticed. You may not have noticed that Mr. Harrison sometimes picks up essays appearing here and republishes them at his site.

Most recently, Mr. Harrison reprinted my September 17 essay, "I'm not deaf, darn it, but my hearing has changed," at his site (sub nomine "Not Deaf, But My Hearing Has Changed").

I think this marks the first time that one of my essays has appeared on BoomSpeak under the 'health' tab. And Mr. Harrison seems to have run the original piece in full. Usually he edits, sometimes quite a bit.

For some reason, he seems to think that too many of my posts here are too long.

Can you imagine?

(And keep your agreement to yourselves, thank you.)

Anyway, Baby Boomers in particular may enjoy the variety of articles collected and posted by Mr. Harrison at the BoomSpeak site. Go over and visit -- but be sure to come back, hear?

1 comment:

boomspeak said...

It just proves that you're not laboring in obscurity and we do want to read what you have to say...albeit not ALL the words, ALL the time.