Monday, February 06, 2012

I am writing to you this morning from the Teeny Tiny Law Office

I am sitting about 35 feet or so above my former Undisclosed Location in an office about one-third the size. This is consistent with an industry-wide trend: Even big firms have been moving high-powered lawyers into smaller spaces. Downtown real estate is just too costly. But we are not mere slaves to fashion. The three of us who made this move all took smaller spaces because smaller spaces means smaller rent.

This move means I'm going to have to abandon some office furniture and a considerable quantity of junk I've accumulated these last six years. I'm going to have to change my ways of doing business, I've been told, and I could not agree more.

But now I have to edge sideways out of here and go back downstairs and continue the clean-up. Then I can begin to put stuff away in here.

Where, I have no idea.

Posting may continue to be sporadic in the meantime. For one thing, I'm not sure, after I bring up the next box, how I'll be able to get back to my keyboard....

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