Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Update on the spamming front

(Today's installment of Pearls Before Swine is grabbed from
because my usual online source for the Pearls strip,
Yahoo! Comics, is running a day behind for some reason.
I saw today's Pearls
in print in the Chicago Sun-Times.)

I deleted 14 spam "comments" this morning -- Blogger had flagged nine of them; the others were awaiting comment moderation.

We're in the grips of the pre-Thanksgiving blogging slowdown here in America and traffic is down. There's too much to be done in the real world. And I don't get a lot of comments when traffic is high.

So I hated to cut out comments, even obvious spam ones. But I did. And I'll continue to do so, too. I just will continue to have mixed feelings about it -- deep inside, there's that nagging fear that Second Effort may suffer from the same problem that Rat says is afflicting Goat's blog in today's Pearls Before Swine.

By the way, Mr. Pastis' recent comics about blogging have prompted me to go looking for his blog. I found this one and added it today to my sidebar.


Jeni said...

Had to comment here today and tell you first off, I loved the cartoon. However, I don't think that aspect -"boring" applies to you and your blog as I rarely find your discussions here to be boring. My blog on the other hand, completely fulfills the "boring" categorization!

Dave said...

I still read, I just haven't had anything pithy, funny or interesting to say, not that that has stopped me in the past.