Monday, August 21, 2006

Please explain this to me

We were channel surfing Sunday morning at the Curmudgeon house, when we came across a showing of Mr. Deeds Goes to Town on the RetroPlex channel.

A little rating card preceded the movie; that’s normal. What surprised me was that this movie was rated “TV14” because it has “adult content.” By definition TV14 means not suitable for viewers under 14.

This is the same rating that is given to drivel on MTV, such as Real World: Key West. My Super Sweet 16 and Laguna Beach are rated “TV PG.”

Does any sane person believe, for a nanosecond, that it would be better to have your children watch these MTV shows than Mr. Deeds Goes to Town?

1 comment:

cmhl said...

did you watch it? anything questionable?

I have been to see cartoons with my kids (specifically shrek 2), and there are hilarious adult references throughout the movie, that are funny, but inappropriate.. they are slowing de-sensitizing all of the public..