Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back to School -- already?

It seems that the school year starts earlier and earlier each year.

July ended yesterday -- and the school year began in our house.

Younger Daughter got a call from her AP History teacher: She had a term paper due July 15 (talk about your Summer reading!) -- and he was gently inquiring as to its whereabouts. His voice mail mentioned how the assignment was clearly posted on the school website.

Younger Daughter has three basic operating modes -- asleep, on the phone, or on line. But she vehemently denied seeing the assignment on the school site. She claimed to have spoken with a classmate who assured her that nothing was due before the first week of school. Perhaps this girl also got a call yesterday....

Youngest Son is still playing baseball -- although I'm done coaching, the Bluejay Park 13/14 All-Star teams are still in tournament play. But football equipment is being handed out tomorrow. That's a sure sign that the school year is nearly upon us.

LSS got a call from a fellow teacher yesterday; the middle school schedule is a muddle... as it generally is at this time of year. They've begun trying to hash out the various conflicts.

And Oldest Son went back to school shopping yesterday. Mostly, it's true, to replace the clothes he lost on his ill-fated trip to Pittsburgh -- that's one that you'll have to read about in the book -- but he and Middle Son have already started inquiring about when they can use the van to move out. Oldest Son will be gone in just about two weeks.

Yes, some in the family are sad that it's almost school time again. But not me: Soon I'll have my couch back....

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