Monday, January 30, 2006

Somehow, I've offended the Texans

I didn't mean to do it and I'm not sure how I did it -- but I must have done it because anybody calling my old phone number -- you know, the one listed in Sullivan's or the telephone book -- is telling callers that the number has been disconnected and no further information is available.

This is the nightmare scenario I'd labored so hard to avoid.

I was going to write about moving to my new undisclosed location, thinking how cute I was being in this regard, the anonymous poster in his new undisclosed location... perhaps the bit is tired for those who have cruised the blogosphere for a long time, but it's new to me. Now, however, my location is undisclosed even for those who know who I am. Yikes.

I'm on hold to SBC even as I write this, looking to lodge an official (but entirely submissive)protest. I don't want this new number to be disconnected as well....

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