Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How to spend your Christmas vacation

The college students have been home for weeks now, cell phones going off at all hours of the day... and night... and in the wee small hours of the morning.... But it's almost over. Finally.

Oldest Son took advantage of the break to drive with four friends to Tempe, Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl. They went via Dallas, stopping at the home of the parents of a girl of their acquaintance. After the Fiesta Bowl, they went on to Los Angeles, to soak up the atmosphere of the Rose Bowl (meaning that they couldn't get tickets) and crash at another classmate's home. They went to the ocean, but it was chilly and windy. They went to Hollywood -- but were not discovered. They learned, first hand, about traffic on California freeways. One left the group there and flew home to Michigan, but the four remaining drove from California to the Grand Canyon and then back to Chicago, where they dropped off Oldest Son and recuperated prior to heading to their various Eastern Time Zone destinations.

Meanwhile, Older Daughter had foot surgery last week, attempting to correct a problem arising from a prior surgery. Tomorrow, she'll have a procedure performed on her other foot, shaving off a bone spur that makes it difficult for her to walk or wear shoes.

Some people just know how to live.

But, ah, you say, which one?

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